Painting is a creative journey with yourself and the process is the focal point of each piece. I create and work with canvas art and specialize with oil on paper, working with high quality Cobra oil colors and Tela Olio by Fabriano. The surface absorbs oils beautifully and is similar to linen canvas. The absence of acids guarantees that the paper will not change or discolor over time. 
Love of fashion is the leading inspiration, sketching from runway looks and captivating figures. The movement from those works of art transformed into something new in the process. Now the delicate movement and silhouettes of figures are captured with paint and a brush.
I see my artwork as a way of capturing the dreamy aesthetic in which I live in each day. My work is never rigidly planned out, rather, created spontaneously, which keeps it creatively free and charged with the love that is in every piece. What I see as most important in my work process is the fluidness and free flowing inspiration that transcends into each painting.
All pieces are sold as unique, original works of art.